Affiliate Marketing Companies

affiliate networks and affiliate companies

Affiliate Marketing Companies

There are a lot of Affiliate Marketing Companies out there, often referred to as affiliate networks.  affiliate networks and affiliate companiesWhat we've done here is curated a list of some of the best and most popular.  There's really no right or wrong answer in picking an affiliate marketing company.  It really depends on the types of products you'd like to serve up to your visitors.  We'll give you a quick hit bullet point list for each here but your best bet is to research these on your own and determine what the best affiliate programs are for you.  While we've focused on the good points, please do your own research on each affiliate marketing company to find the right one for you.

Amazon Associates

  • Huge selection, tons of products
  • Well known
  • A little bit of a hassle to set up but has great reporting


  • One of the biggest affiliate networks
  • Decent variety of products
  • Digital products
  • Good reporting and payouts
  • You'll want to learn about ways to pick high profit profits.  Watch your how-to here.


  • Lots of online products
  • Affiliate Marketing products
  • Making money online products


  • High end, and quality, products
  • Lots of software and e-commerce offerings, in fact, it seems exclusively focused on digital products
  • Cloud based
  • More than 4000 global businesses available


  • Well established affiliate network
  • Easy to use and a simple sign-up process
  • Includes


  • Thousands of merchants that only allow affiliates through this platform
  • Very easy to use
  • Great selection and reporting
  • If you like sports products, they have Fanatics and


  • An affiliate networks good for those just starting out
  • Lots of categories and seller products to connect with


  • Similar products and offering styles to JVZoo
  • If you have products to sell, they can help you build a funnel
  • Simple approval process and popular product rating system and reports

Commission Junction

  • Easy to use affiliate network
  • Good Reports
  • Very large so there is a lot to choose from
  • Estimation tool used for earnings per click


We hope this article has helped you understand that often asked of search engine question,what affiliate marketing companies are available?  And, why should you select one affiliate network over another?  To learn more about the affiliate marketing world, we have some excellent training courses available in our members area.  Check them out here.  We also encourage you to check out something like this great membership program from to learn a ton about affiliate marketing.

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