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high paying affiliate programs affiliate marketing tools

High Paying Affiliate Programs

high paying affiliate programs affiliate marketing tools

If you're like most online affiliates and marketers, you're often looking for high paying affiliate programs to join.  Whether that is finding one-off products from ClickBank or looking for things on JVZoo or WarriorPlus or even Amazon products to use in your e-commerce stores as affiliate products.

While reading blog posts and watching videos can often give you some ideas about what other people are promoting, sometimes the idea of trying to sell 400 spatulas in order to turn a nice profit isn't very appealing.  Perhaps you'd like to just sell a few products in a month, really focusing your SEO and affiliate traffic to a specific, maybe even high dollar product or promotion.

If this sounds like you, then what I've got for you today may be a helpful start in finding those high dollar offers, with high gravity (already selling by others), and possibly with repeat, month over month residual returns.

I'm going to show you today how you use the filters on ClickBank to weed out the low performers or lower paying offers and focus just on those high paying affiliate programs.  While this, of course, does not guarantee the success of your affiliate marketing strategies, it can help to show you what others are having success with while not taking up countless hours of your own time and effort researching items and offers that may be good sellers.

Finding high paying affiliate programs

Now that we've covered some of the cool filtering features we can use right within ClickBank to weed out low performers and focus on those high paying affiliate programs with high gravity items, it's time for you to jump in and give it a try.  Hopefully I've provided you with enough information to make your own informed decision about what products to promote.

To create your ClickBank account, just visit their main website at  If you'd really like to dive deeper and learn more, I'd suggest checking out ClickBank University.

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The chapters include:
1. Choosing products that are right for your store
2. Determining your market size
3. Identifying your target customer
4. Evaluating the competition
5. Making yourself unique among competitors
6. Understanding digital, physical and subscription products
7. Making yourself a niche expert
8. Laws, regulations and restrictions for your business & your products
9. Where to Get Your Products
10. Choosing the right Shopify package
11. Shopify compared to other ecommerce platforms
12. Your initial setup
13. Adding your products to your store
14. Setting up your shipping
15. Customizing your payment solutions & taxes
16. Customizing your ecommerce website
17. Other features & add-ons you can use with Shopify
18. Using Shopify’s learning tools
19. Niche Marketing
20. Using social media effectively
21. Spotting and cashing in on trends
22. Holiday selling

Yep, this book covers a lot in a short time and is a great starting point for folks looking into getting into e-commerce, Shopify stores, and affiliate marketing.

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