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free seo tool

Free SEO  Toolfree seo tool

We've just published a free SEO tool here on the website to help you get ahead.  And we all know SEO is incredibly important for longterm traffic.  Using our free tool, you can get a detailed report right on your screen within seconds.  Amazingly, it will show you what you need to fix on your page and give helpful advice.  Again, it's free, just pop in your email to get the link to the tool.  you may have overlooked even if you're using something like Yoast or another SEO improvement tool.  You can make easy tweaks you can find are usually incredibly easy to implement and take just minutes!

You can find our free seo tool here.

Why SEO Matters

SEO is your best bet for long-term traffic.  You can run solo ads, which are great or buy banner space.  But you will have a far better return on your time if you optimize your sites for search.  My normal suggestions for using the proper H1 and H2 tags and making sure your content is well written is just step number 1.  I also teach that you need to make sure you add alt and title tags to images and links.  Furthermore, it's important to keep your focus keyword or phrase in the heading, URL, and even in the alt tags.  There are many, many paid services out there that will be happy to assist you.  But we suggest you try our free tool first.  You might find that the improvements you can make on your own, and for free, are worth the effort.

If you still need help after using our SEO tool, you might want to look into a more hardcore tool.  I'd suggest giving Long Tail Pro a look.  It's a powerful tool for helping you find long tail keywords to maximize your SEO effort.  You can learn more here.

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