Photoshop Online Course

photoshop online course

Photoshop Online Coursephotoshop online course

Are you looking for a Photoshop online course?  We've published a great class to help you learn Photoshop right from your home.  While we see a lot of traffic from people asking for "photoshop classes near me", online learning is even better.  The course is over at our Teachable academy, which has many great classes you can take.  Most of what we cover centers around affiliate marketing training.  But we've had such an influx of people looking to do their own graphics and logos, we put this one together.

This course has 14 video parts and teaches you some of the basics of using both PhotoShop and GIMP, the free alternative.  Click here to take a look specifically at the PhotoShop classes.

What does this Photoshop Online Course Teach?

You'll get 14 high-quality videos, as well as a transcript of each video in PDF form.  This way, you'll be able to take the course online and save the PDF for future reference.  The video topics include:

photoshop online course

After completion

Even if you don't plan to sell your graphic design skill as a service, you will now have the skill to design your own graphic, and save tons of time and money!
This is a skill that pays well in the long run.  Please keep in mind that folks just like you and me are using skills learned in courses like this to profit.  Websites such as Fiverr and UpStart have people doing relatively simple graphics work at very nice wages.  Take a look at what they're earning:
learn photoshop online
So what better time to jump in if not today?

After you've completed your graphics course, feel free to try out some of the other classes we've put together.  We also have FREE webinars for affiliate marketers.

Also, check out our FREE eBooks as you begin your online marketing adventures.  Thanks for coming by!