Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

The best affiliate marketing programs for beginners that we've found is at  The reason we think this one is the best is that it seems to cover everything from start to finish.  It’s broken up into training modules, with each covering an aspect of the affiliate marketing process in easy to understand bits.Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners has two membership levels including standard membership and premium membership.  Standard is text-based,image-based training guiding you through each thing you will need to learn.  The Premium membership is even better because it includes more than 120 minutes of over-the-shoulder video training stepping you through all aspects of the course.  You don’t have to pay every month to learn, either. It’s a one-time cost, at an incredibly reasonable price for such in-depth training. If you spend just a few hours with, you’ll definitely be equipped with what you need to know to begin affiliate marketing.  

Topics included are:

  • AutoResponders:  What they are and how to use them
  • Website creation with WordPress
  • How to get a domain name
  • Free Vs. Paid website hosting
  • Choosing an affiliate marketing program
  • Multiple ways to get website traffic
  • Sales Funnels: what they are, how to build them, and the best tools for the job

Bonuses Specific to Affiliate Marketing

There is a lot of bonuses you’ll get in the membership.  Both standard and premium members immediately have full access to:

  • 10 more affiliate marketing related video training series covering building an email list, SEO, sales funnels, various YouTube income opportunities, working with ClickBank, Instagram, and overall affiliate marketing.  
  • 40+ plugins and e-Books to read, try out, and learn to use.   

Join Their Facebook Group for has built a growing Facebook group for you to log into.  There, they share new information, additional resources, articles and reviews, and you are encouraged to participate in the conversation.  Just make sure to check out the rules...they don’t want you just spamming the group with affiliate offers or useless stuff.

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners conclusion

New folks to affiliate marketing are going to have the best luck with  It is geared to guide you through the “starting out” phase. The step-by-step guide will help save you hundreds of hours researching on your own.  They point you right to the best tools so you don’t waste money on useless crap, and the video training is like having a teacher at the head of the classroom right on your laptop.  You can’t go wrong with as a starting point for your affiliate marketing journey.