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We offer a variety, and ever-growing list, of services you may be interested in.  Along with all of the free training, eBooks, free SEO audit toolpaid training, and exclusive members-only content, sometimes you just need a little something extra.  I've put together some of the most requested affiliate marketing and SEO related services.  This includes Video intro, outro, and video logo animations, clever hand sketch animations, and a full on SEO Audit service you'd pay hundreds of dollars for anywhere else.

Here is the list of my current offerings over at Fiverr.com.

Video Intro, Outro, Logo services

Full SEO audit

Using an advanced tool that goes above and beyond the free version we offer on this website, I have several packages you can choose from at a stupidly inexpensive rate.  Check out a sample of the Sample Full SEO Audit Report.

Had Sketch Animations

Here are some samples of Hand Sketch animations I've put together.  Get your very own to market on Facebook, Instagram, your website, YouTube, or anywhere that a video might draw customer attention.